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Second Pool Day

Timmy was chilly on the first day so we tried again. Results below:

Timmy’s First Swim

First trip to the pool. It was a bit chilly but Timmy loved it:

Earning my ears


Rained in at the House of Mouse and passing the time by trying on infant hats.

Katie’s Family


IMG_3694 IMG_3690


IMG_3689 IMG_3687

Brother baby sitting..

IMG_3697 IMG_3699

Aunt Cindy..

IMG_3709 IMG_3709

The Next Generation


IMG_3715 IMG_3717

IMG_3718 IMG_3720

The second month

iPhone 003 iPhone 016

iPhone 023 iPhone 018

 iPhone 030 iPhone 032

Trip to Babies R Us


Tim’s new couch

Move over Laz-e-Boy, welcome Fur-e-Shepherd.


Go Gators!

It’s never too early to start brainwashing…


Never too early to learn marketing..

Seven weeks old and already working on his first marketing gig: "Token authentication so simple even a baby can use it!"

IMG_3582 IMG_3586