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Day at Epcot

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Mama i Tata i Kola

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One Furry Babysitter


As Timmy has grown, Benz has become far more interesting. And as Timmy has been trained on scratching and throwing the ball the dog is taking far more interest in him. So during the evening playtime, out of the entire house, both the dog (105 lb) and the baby can be found on a single 4’x4′ blanket.

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Here is a little video for you as well:

Fun at Magic Kingdom


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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween

Annual Halloween Party at Disney World Magic Kingdom.

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Playing With The Dog

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Timmy at Disneys Food and Wine Festival

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Dogs Toy

First time ever the dog finally acknowledged Timmy as a man – by bringing him a toy. It went less than successful for the dog, but it was still a nice gesture.

The Best Toy EVER!!!

Timmy really likes the bouncy toy..

This was not staged. We were editing the previous feeding movie and while uploading Timmy went bouncy.

First Meal

Timmy eats solid food for the first time.