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January 16th, 2011:


We have another toy in the garage. Ducati 748 motorcycle.


In order to drive one in Florida (legally) there is a school you need to go to, pass exams, pay $225, go to the DMV to get a new license – suffice to say that I waned to get one for years but I’ve never had the time. So when the schedule cleaned up I spent a weekend at a training course and well, here we are.

I always wanted a crotch rocket – and since I don’t forsee driving far or often – I got the best one I could for as little money as possible.

Timmy has been extremely excited about this since seeing Tron. I’ve had the helmet for a while since the was the first thing to go on sale Winking smile

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The guy I bought it from is a toy collector. From Rolex’s to sports cars, this guy has an ultimate toy factory.

Derrick: So what do you do?

Vlad: I own a software company. You?

Derrick: I sell gold, jewelry, Rolexes. Every now and then I get bored and get a new toy.

Me too! This guy was was my long lost cousin and I got pretty much a brand new bike for far less than it’s worth.


The excitement at home is… divided. Timmy loves it. I can’t remember how or why I lived so long without one. Katie was originally supportive of it but got really scared when she saw me drive it by at under 30 mph – I have to agree, looking at it from the sidewalk does make it seem extremely scary. It looks and sounds like a monster. But when you’re on it, the feeling is quite different. Decidedly the least supportive of the bunch was my father, who told me to sell it right away.


So for now, it’s chilling in the garage. I am nowhere near capable of riding this bike and its going to take quite a bit of practice that I really look forward to.

I can’t quite explain the awesome feeling. Remember driving your bicycle? Ok, now add a big motor on it. Now make it really, really loud. Now imagine just sitting back (or leaning forward) and having it go faster and faster. Smile 

Thankfully, I live out in the country among golf courses and retired people so nobody expects to go over 45 in Windermere.

Seriously.. go buy a Ducati.