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First trip to Disneyland

Last night we got to Disneyland. We’re staying at the Disney’s Paradise Peer (it was on sale; it is the only Disneyland hotel we’ve never been to) and we had the best day ever.

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Started at Disneyland with the breakfast at Plaza Inn, Minnie & Friends Breakfast In The Park. Timmy loved it, crushed a man’s portion of bacon.


After that, we went on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Finding Nemo is one of the first cartoons Timmy fell in love with and he absolutely loved this ride. We followed that up with a trip to Storybook Land Canal Boats. Next up a walk through the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – this is a truly amazing thing because it fits such a big story inside such a small castle and Timmy really loved it too. We spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to open each door in the castle. We then went for a ride in Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. People always ask me why I keep on coming to Disneyland when we live right behind Disney World – none of what we’ve done so far exists at Disney World.

Took the monorail back to the resort, and after a brief 3 hour nap, monorail back to Disneyland.

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We spent more than 3 hours at Mickey’s Toontown. I was absolutely exhausted by the time this was through but my little guy was not to be stopped. We took the Disneyland train to New Orleans Square and spent a few hours playing around the Critter Country and Rivers of America. We went to The Pirates of the Carribean, Haunted Mansion and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Timmy really loved New Orleans for some reason.  We got some candy in the critter country and killed some time before watching Fantasmic.


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We went back to the Fantasy Land for the fireworks. Timmy nearly fell asleep on my head, as he usually does in Orlando. However, Disneyland does something really awesome – they have Tinkerbell and Dumbo keep on flying over the castle during the fireworks. Timmy fell in love with Dumbo. So we got to wait for the Dumbo ride to open and we went through that. Then onto Casey’ Jr Circus train. After Alice in Wonderland, the monkey finally said “night night Daddy” and passed out cold on my shoulder about 20 yards later.

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Fantastic first day. Tomorrow we’re waking up to breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen and are closing the night with a picnic with priority seating for World of Color. Having the best time ever and missing mommy (well, I am.)

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