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June 29th, 2010:


I can’t believe that our daddy & son road trip is coming to an end. Timmy is getting really comfortable out here and to see him just hang out and jump for joy every time he sees a Disney character is absolutely awesome.

IMG_0463  IMG_0529

IMG_0462 IMG_0465

He is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. But at almost 30lb, he is quite a bit to carry around. We’re staying at the Paradise Pier and making that trek back and forth twice a day on top of carrying him in the park has left me quite sore. The floor is made of lava though 😉


IMG_0470 IMG_0514

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One of the coolest parts of Disneyland (well, southern California) is that the thick smog cover doesn’t fully disperse until the afternoon. Makes the parks much more bearable.

And that was it for Disneyland. We went on absolutely every ride the little guy could get on. Hopefully the next time we come back he’ll be over 42” and able to ride the rollercoasters with daddy!

Off to California Adventure:

IMG_0554 IMG_0556

This place is all about The World of Color and Pixar. I’d actually say it’s more about Pixar than Disney in so many ways. Pixar parades. Pixar rides. Pixar themed lands. Since Timmy only knows of the traditional Disney characters if they appeared on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this place is pretty much built for him. The Bugs Life playground area is like Mickey’s Toontown – kid rides galore.

IMG_0565 IMG_0568

IMG_0572 IMG_0573

And yes, when you’ve been here long enough you just have to sit down and stretch with the characters 🙂

IMG_0579 IMG_0582

IMG_0583 IMG_0588

I took the little guy to The Sorcerers Workshop where we found out which Disney character he’s most like. This is somewhat of a family tradition and a big point of contention. Katie is most like the evil witch from Snowwhite, I am most like Tarzan. I agree! Timmy? He is Gaston! And to be honest, I see it – he does have a bit of a smartass of an attitude. 

Best daddy & son trip ever!