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May, 2007:

Mazeks do Dallas!

Vlad is constantly going back and forth to Dallas for work. This time he decided we should mix a bit of work with pleasure. I haven’t been to Texas since my family moved away roughly 24 years ago and Vlad wanted to bring me back to my roots. Vlad took me to see his server setup and it was difficult not to be wowed. It is hard to believe that we had any doubts during the startup phase. He constantly impresses me, what can I say?

Now for the play. We went two amusement parks while we were in Dallas. First, we went to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. The park itself was decent but fails where so many others do: poor parking, mediocre food, and lack of more relaxing attractions. The rides were great but the lines were so long that we didn’t get to do as many as we wanted. I would definitely go back but try to hit it when it isn’t at their peak season. The second amusement park that we went to was IKEA. Okay, okay, so maybe it isn’t an “amusement park” but it was a ton a fun. God only knows how many hours we spent in IKEA looking around, laying on furniture, having lunch, or playing with the kid’s stuff. It really makes you want to spend recklessly and for that I give them a kudos. Just writing about it really makes me want a plate of Swedish meatballs and a shoe organizer…